Cool, rainy days are perfect for indoor organization projects. Today’s task? Get that hall closet in order. Your normal go-to move is just putting random things on a shelf and hoping that it closes, but now you’ve got time to make it more functional. Halfway through sorting all of your lotions and creams, your joint pain begins to enter the picture. “Not again!” you think, knowing that you’ll be forced to take a break. This ache doesn’t leave easily, and you know that the rest of the sorting will have to be done another day.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our joint doctors are well aware of how debilitating joint pain is. This is why our team of pain doctors works with each patient to create a pain treatment plan that provides anti-inflammatory relief for joint pain. The pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists do not recommend joint replacement unless medically necessary, and instead focus on minimally invasive interventional pain treatments that provide effective joint pain relief.

Joint pain isn’t visible, but it is definitely noticeable. When your joints ache, your entire body is stiff and every movement hurts. How can you find relief from joint pain, which seems to invade every part of your life? Schedule an appointment with the joint doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our team of pain management specialists offer anti-inflammatory treatments for joint pain.

Who Are The Best Joint Doctors for Joint Pain Treatment?

The best joint doctors for joint pain treatment are found at Pain Treatment Specialists. With pain clinics in NYC and northern NJ, our team of pain specialists are experts in interventional pain medicine. This means that each doctor is experienced in finding ways to treat joint pain without surgery or narcotics, and solely with the use of pain management techniques. Each doctor is carefully vetted to ensure not only pain management expertise, but also outstanding and compassionate patient care. At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with one of our joint pain specialists:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is double certified in anesthesiology, and also pain medicine and pain management. He is a former Clinical Instructor and Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard Medical School, and Chairman of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Chilton Medical Center. In addition to these impressive roles in interventional pain medicine, Dr. Hanna’s patients note how easy he is to talk to about chronic pain.

Dr. Hanna is one of our doctors you’ll meet at Pain Treatment Specialists. Book an appointment today and see how easy it is to discuss your joint pain concerns with our highly-qualified doctors.

What Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Joint Pain Treatments?

If joint pain has you considering whether or not joint replacement is right for you, first explore more conservative treatments for pain relief. The joint doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists use interventional pain medicine treatments for joint pain relief. Since our pain doctors also treat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and neck pain, they have a wide variety of minimally invasive treatments at their pain clinics in NYC and NJ. Some of the best anti- inflammatory joint pain treatments include:

  1. Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is often advised for joint pain because it is highly-effective for pain relief. Your physical therapist uses specific movements and exercises to rebuild weakened joints and muscles. PT also addresses the stiffness caused by joint pain, and keeps your joints fluid and flexible.
  2. Steroid Injections: Your joint doctor uses a corticosteroid injection to relieve the pain and swelling caused by joint pain. Since steroids are used for their anti-inflammatory properties, these injections directly address one of the primary causes of joint pain.
  3. Nerve Treatment: Another solution for joint pain is a nerve treatment that blocks pain signals from being sent to your brain. Depending on where your joint pain occurs, your pain doctor may utilize this minimally invasive treatment for pain relief.

Scheduling an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is the best way to find a joint pain treatment that works for you. Our joint doctors create customized treatment plans for each patient depending on their specific joint pain concerns.

Why Should I Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery?

Bone and joint pain can be debilitating. Just like when you had plans to clear the clutter from your closet, but instead had to stop, joint pain affects your daily activities and plans. The pain you feel on a daily basis makes you wonder whether or not joint replacement surgery would be the best way to treat your chronic pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our joint doctors do not recommend joint replacement surgery unless it is medically necessary. This is because our pain doctors prefer utilizing a wide variety of minimally invasive pain treatments in order to address your joint pain. Here are some reasons why it’s best to avoid joint replacement whenever possible:

  1. It’s major, invasive surgery: A total joint replacement involves removing an arthritic or damaged joint and replacing it with a metal or plastic prosthesis. Knee and hip joint replacements are the most common form of this surgery, and take weeks of recovery. The surgery itself is very painful, and requires a hospital stay. There are many risks and complications associated with having a major and invasive surgery that are best avoided if not medically needed.
  2. It might not provide pain relief:What happens if you commit to this major surgery, and after all of your rehabilitation you’re still in pain? There’s no guarantee that a joint replacement will eliminate your joint pain
  3. You might need to replace parts:Since you’re putting an artificial joint into your body, there’s a likely chance you’ll have to replace it, or repair it, at some point. This means more surgery!

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with joint doctors who know how to get rid of joint pain for good. It’s a great feeling knowing that your joint pain doesn’t dictate your day, and you’ll know that joy once you meet with our top team of interventional pain doctors.