Summertime sun means serious summertime sweat. Spending a day outside means that you’ll be drenched by the time the sun goes down, requiring your second shower for the day. Using a salt scrub to remove the last traces of your sunscreen, you drop the product onto the floor of the bathtub. When you lean over to grab it, your slippery feet lose balance. You struggle to stay upright, but end up taking down the shower curtain on your way down. Thankfully the only collateral damage is your curtain rod (and your pride) but you’re suddenly feeling back pain after this unexpected tumble.

How do you know if your back injury is serious? If you’re feeling excruciating lower back pain or lower back pain that radiates to your abdomen, you should probably head to an urgent care center immediately to rule out a more serious medical condition. Meeting with primary care physicians or primary care doctors will not be sufficient to diagnose and treat your back pain, so where should you turn? If you’re looking for a back pain treatment doctor, call Pain Treatment Specialists, where you’ll find minimally invasive lower back pain treatments that don’t resort to surgery or addictive narcotics.

 For back pain, which doctor do I consult? Trust a back doctor who uses minimally invasive back pain treatments, like the team at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our back pain treatment doctors identify your lower back pain causes, and provide lower back pain relief with minimal recovery time.

Who Are The Best Back Pain Treatment Doctors?

After you dry off, you grab your laptop and begin looking for back pain doctors in NJ who can assess your situation. You search for “back pain doctor Edison, NJ”, “back pain specialist NJ”, “back specialist NJ”, and “back doctor NJ.” You keep seeing Pain Treatment Specialists appear at the top of all of these lists, and begin to look at each doctor’s qualifications. Not only are all of the board certified back doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists Harvard-trained, they are also kind and compassionate back pain doctors who listen to your back pain concerns. Some of the back pain treatment doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists include:

  • Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney is a former faculty member at Harvard Medical School, where he taught medical students in the fields of palliative care, pain medicine, and anesthesiology. Following his time at Harvard, Dr. Volney spent time in Kenya working with underserved communities providing pain medicine treatments to improve people’s quality of life. When you meet with Dr. Volney, you’ll receive this same level of care and expertise regarding your back pain concerns.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi completed her interventional pain medicine fellowship at Harvard, and is also double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. Dr. Lombardi’s speciality is fluoroscopic-guided treatments, which allow her to precisely pinpoint your specific areas of back pain, leading to increased accuracy in back pain relief.

Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Volney are just two of the board certified back pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists. For back pain, which doctor should you consult? Trust the back pain treatment doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, who are experts in interventional pain management.

What Are The Best Pain Pills For Lower Back Pain?

The short answer to this is: none! Relying on pain pills for lower back pain is not only harmful to your health, it doesn’t address the underlying issues of your chronic back pain. Pain pills only mask lower back pain causes, and don’t provide lower back pain treatment. If you’ve made the decision to go through with back surgery because you thought, “I fell on my back”, then you may also be stuck taking pain pills for back pain relief. All of these things can be avoided by meeting with a pain management specialist who uses minimally invasive back pain treatments, such as the back pain treatment doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists.

Why is it critical to avoid pain pills for lower back pain? First, prescription narcotics are highly addictive. If you begin taking pain pills to treat your lower back pain, in one week the amount of pills you’ll need to feel substantial pain relief increases. This is because your body becomes accustomed to the level of pain relief provided by the pain pills. Your body quickly becomes addicted to this cycle of “pain relief”, and you may unintentionally become addicted to pain pills. Pills are also used to aid back pain recovery time after a major surgery, which can lead to addiction while simply trying to recover from surgery.

If you want to know what doctor treats back and neck pain, search for an interventional pain doctor, like the team at Pain Treatment Specialists. These back pain doctors avoid surgery and addictive narcotics in favor of highly effective, yet minimally invasive, back pain treatments.

What Are The Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatments?

The board certified back pain treatment doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists have a wide variety of highly-effective back pain treatments at their pain clinics in NYC and NJ. Know that our team will not recommend back surgery unless medically necessary, and will not prescribe back pain pills to treat your chronic back pain. Some of the cutting-edge lower back pain treatments at our pain clinics include:

  • Physical Therapy: Your physical therapist uses physical medicine and rehabilitation to build strength and increase flexibility in your back. This type of doctor is skilled in using exercise and specific, deliberate motions to alleviate pain in your back, while also facilitating healing.
  • SI Joint Injection: Sciatica or other lower back pain causes leaving you in tremendous pain? Then an SI (sacroiliac) joint injection might be the answer to your lower back pain. Your back doctor uses a special x-ray (fluoroscopy) to inject a local anesthetic into your sacroiliac joint. If you feel pain relief, then it confirms that this is the source of your lower back pain.
  • Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation: This cutting-edge back pain treatment uses heat energy, and not steroids, to offer lower back pain relief. Electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light produce heat energy, which is then used to treat inflamed facet joints. Inflamed facet joints are common lower back pain causes. You will not need a CT scan for this procedure, as your back pain doctor uses fluoroscopy to find the exact facet joint(s) in your lower back that are causing issues.

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re one step closer to returning to a pain-free life. There’s no need to suffer from lower back pain or chronic back pain for extended periods of time, when one visit to NYC and NJ’s Pain Treatment Specialists outs you on the road to back pain relief.