What is a Back Specialist Called? Learn How an Interventional Pain Doctor Relieves Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common chronic pain conditions that cause people to miss work. Even though you hadn’t planned on taking a sick day, your sore and aching back has other ideas. When your back makes it impossible to sit, stand, or walk, it doesn’t matter how busy your day’s agenda was– your pain takes the driver’s seat and dictates your day. When you’re ready to find solutions for your back pain, instead of continuing to take sick days, where can you turn for relief? Before you begin to do research, you need to know what a back specialist is called.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, a back specialist is known as an interventional pain doctor. This type of doctor specializes in minimally invasive back pain treatments that do not utilize surgery for back pain relief. This type of back doctor undergoes advanced training in pain medicine to learn cutting-edge treatments for back pain that precisely identify affected areas and provide targeted back pain relief. If you’re unsure if a joint specialist in your area is able to avoid surgery, book an appointment at one of our pain clinics in NYC, northern NJ, or Long Island and see how easy it is to get back to your busy work day without pain.

What is a Back Specialist Called?

Your back is a complicated combination of cartilage, muscles, facet joints, and discs that provide stability for your entire body. When something is out of place in your back, it makes every movement difficult. This is why back pain is one of the leading causes of people calling in sick to work. Finding a solution for your chronic back pain is one of the best ways to avoid future sick days, and increase your productivity. When you’re ready to find long-lasting solutions, it’s important to understand what a back specialist is called so you are looking for the right kind of help.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our back pain doctors are called interventional pain specialists. This type of doctor is an expert in minimally invasive pain solutions for your neck, shoulders, knees, and back. Our neck, back, and spine doctors are all trained in specialized methods that relieve joint and muscle pain without the use of surgery or addictive narcotics. For example, Dr. George Hanna is one of our top pain management doctors, and his qualifications and background are just as impressive as his patient reviews. Dr. Hanna is the former Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard, where he was also a Clinical Instructor of anesthesiology and pain medicine. He regularly speaks at national medical conferences regarding the latest advancements in pain management treatments for back, neck, and knee pain.

Perhaps our best quality is the litany of 5-star reviews left for our back pain doctors. Multiple patients compliment our doctors and front-end staff with comments about their professionalism, knowledgeable consultations, and effective back pain management treatments.

If your search history includes phrases like “what kind of doctor for joint pain”, “what doctor do you see for joint pain”, “back spine doctor near me”, or “what type of doctor for joint pain”, book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our back pain doctors look forward to creating a customized treatment plan for your back pain that provides long-lasting pain relief.

How Do Pain Management Doctors Near Me Treat Pain?

If you’re searching for “back and hip pain doctors near me”, “back injury treatment near me”, or “doctor near me for back pain”, you’re looking for back pain relief that is in your neighborhood. At Pain Treatment Specialists, we have several conveniently located pain clinics in NYC, northern NJ, and Long Island that offer expert back pain care. How does a pain management doctor treat back pain? First, during your initial consultation you’ll find out the cause of your back pain, and then customize a treatment plan that provides long-lasting back pain relief.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, some of our minimally-invasive alternative treatments include:

  • Lumbar Epidural: Offered at chronic back pain treatment centers, lumbar epidurals combine a corticosteroid, which is an anti-inflammatory drug, with a local anesthetic. This combination provides instant pain relief for spinal conditions that cause chronic back pain.
  • Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation: If you experience pain from lumbar facet joint arthritis, lumbar radiofrequency ablation is an excellent pain management technique provided by chronic back pain treatment centers.
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist works with your back doctor to customize a series of stretches and strength-building exercises to prevent future back injuries. 

Contact the board-certified back pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists for back pain related to herniated discs, neck pain, and spinal stenosis.

How Do I Describe Chronic Pain to a Back Joint Pain Specialist Near Me?

Before your first consultation, keep a journal of your back pain. Note what types of movements cause your pain, and what type of pain it produces. Is it a sharp, jolting pain, or a dull ache? What is your pain level from 1-10? Do you have more pain when you wake up, after a long day, or while you sleep? These detailed notes help your back doctor understand your specific back pain concerns.

What is a back specialist called? At Pain Treatment Specialists, our back pain specialists are known as interventional pain doctors. This type of doctor treats back pain with minimally invasive treatments that provide long-lasting back pain relief.

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