How Do Spine Specialists Treat Back Pain? A Harvard Trained Back Pain Doctor Responds

When you have a specific problem in your life, finding a specialist in that area is a great approach for getting an effective solution. Are your gutters leaking? Call in a roofing specialist who can repair  your fascias and downspouts. Need a speciality cut of meat for your upcoming dinner party? Visit your local butcher for a custom cut prime rib. The same type of focus applies for your back pain, as finding a spine specialist is better than just meeting with your primary care doctor. Where can you turn for state of the art back pain management? You begin your search online, which provides results like “Lee spine center”, “Texas spine care center”, “Commack doctors”, Long Island spine specialists P C”, and “Prohealth center for neck and back pain.” None of these results provide much information, so you refine your search to include “best back doctor in NYC” and “lumbar spine specialist near me.” This leads you to Pain Treatment Specialists, where you see a team of board certified back pain doctors who avoid surgery. This is exactly the type of treatment you’re looking for!

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re paired with a personal concierge who verifies your insurance coverage and then finds an appointment that works with your busy schedule. Your concierge confirms that not only are you in the right place for your back pain, but that you’ll begin feeling better after meeting with their outstanding back specialists in NYC and northern NJ. Finally, you’ve found a back ache doctor near me who is able to address your chronic back pain concerns.

What Types of Treatment Options Do Spine Specialists Use?

One of the main reasons that Pain Treatment Specialists attracted your attention is that they specialize in pain medicine and pain management. You have no desire to entertain painful and invasive back surgery, and do not want to meet with an orthopedic surgeon. A spine injury doctor near me or a spine surgeon deals with traumatic back injuries, which is not the type of back pain you have. You’re thankful that the treatment options at Pain Treatment Specialists focus on relieving your back pain with minimally invasive options. During your initial consultation at Pain Treatment Specialists,  you’ll meet with one of our Harvard trained spine specialists who carefully listens to your back pain concerns. After a gentle physical exam, your diagnosis is explained along with your customized treatment course. Some of the minimally invasive treatment options at our pain clinics include:

  • Physical Therapy: During your physical therapy sessions, you’ll work on increasing your back’s flexibility and strength through aerobic and stretching exercises. Your physical therapist also provides pain relief with heat and cold therapies.
  • Epidural Steroid Injection:This back pain treatment is highly effective for people suffering from sciatica, which is lower back pain that radiates down your hips and buttocks into your legs. During this procedure, your back doctor uses a special x-ray to locate the epidural space of your spine. Once this exact area is identified, medicine is administered. This medicine provides long-lasting lower back pain relief.

The best back pain doctor in NYC and northern NJ is found at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our board certified spine doctors use minimally invasive treatments for long-lasting back pain relief.

What Does Patient Care Look Like at Pain Treatment Specialists?

There are many things that set Pain Treatment Specialists apart as the top back specialist in NYC and northern NJ. Our spinal care does not require a visit to a spine surgeon for spine surgery, but rather uses more conservative treatments first to provide effective back pain relief. When you first contact Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re paired with a personal concierge who works with you to schedule every pain treatment and also confirm your insurance. Don’t worry, most major insurances are accepted at Pain Treatment Specialists, and your personal concierge will let you know what type of documentation you’ll need to provide.

During your first visit to Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll notice that not only are our pain clinics sparkling clean, but they also strictly adhere to all Covid-19 safety protocols. You’ll be warmly greeted by one of our customer specialists, and spend only a few minutes in the waiting room before moving back to our private consultation area. From there, you’ll meet Dr. George Hanna, Dr. Laura Lombardi, or Dr. Shane Volney, all of whom are board certified and Harvard trained back pain doctors. During your first consultation, your back pain doctor listens closely to your pain concerns, and allows you to thoroughly explain what’s bothering you. Then, you pain doctor gently examines your back, and may order further imaging if needed. Finally, you’ll hear the diagnosis of your back pain, with time to ask questions about what this means for your future back pain treatments. Because our pain clinics are equipped with state of the art technology, you’ll begin your course of treatment during your next visit.

Leaving Pain Treatment Specialists is like receiving the gift of a pain-free life. Contact our offices today and meet with the top back specialists in NYC and northern NJ.

Why Should I Avoid Back Surgery?

Back surgery is not only painful, there’s also no guarantee that it will effectively address your back pain concerns. You’ll need to spend time in the hospital for an invasive surgery, and likely time at a rehabilitation center before you can return home. Once you’re home, you’ll also need help with basic tasks like bathing and dressing, which requires additional assistance and puts a strain on your family. Instead of taking all these extra steps, it’s wise to first consult with a pain management doctor who can use minimally invasive treatments for highly-effective results.

Not all spine specialists use minimally invasive back pain treatments, so finding the best back pain doctor in NYC and NJ can be tricky. Meet with the board certified back pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how our patient care differs from an orthopedic surgeon. At our state of the art pain clinics, you’ll find a wide variety of pain management options that provide long-lasting back pain relief without back surgery.

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