What Types of Treatments Can a Spine Specialist Provide for Chronic Pain?

Back pain is an issue that many people have experienced at some point in their lives. Sometimes the source is an awkward movement like digging a shovel into the ground and feeling a pinching sensation in your lower back. Other times the pain is a dull ache that is the result of years of wear and tear, and deteriorating joint fluid. No matter the cause, back pain affects many portions of your life, and causes you to think twice before engaging in activities that you normally enjoy. When you consistently have to cancel your plans or make major alterations to your day, it’s time to find a solution for your back pain. Your general internet search for “spine specialist” yields a variety of ineffective results like “Lee Spine Center”, “Texas Spine Care Center”, “Commack doctors”, back pain specialist Phoenix AZ” and “Prohealth Center for neck and back pain.” You revise your search to include “back doctor in NYC”, “spine injury doctor near me”, and “best back pain doctor NYC.” This turns up more localized results, and you see Pain Treatment Specialists at the top of every “best of” list.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, their back pain doctors are all Harvard trained pain medicine specialists. This means that they avoid back surgery in favor of minimally invasive back pain treatments that are highly effective at treating chronic back pain. When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists you’ll meet with a team of kind and caring spine doctors who are committed to finding the best solution for your back pain while also providing hope for a better quality of life. As the top back specialists in NYC and northern NJ, our medical advice is not only valued within the pain medicine community, but also by our valued patients who leave glowing reviews about how our pain centers changed their lives.

What Does a Spine Specialist Offer for Back Pain Relief?

If you think that a pain medicine doctor uses narcotics for back pain relief, you are mistaken about the type of care this doctor provides. The “medicine” portion of this doctor’s title refers to types of anesthesia, numbing medicines, nerve blocks, and ablations that can only be administered by board certified pain doctors. Their goal is to avoid invasive surgery by first employing more conservative pain treatment methods like injections and nerve blocks. A pain medicine doctor also steers clear of addictive narcotics, which do not address the underlying cause of back pain and can also unintentionally create an opiate addiction.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, we offer the follow treatments for back pain:

  • Epidural Steroid Injection: Do you suffer from back pain caused by a herniated disc or spinal stenosis? If so, an epidural steroid injection is a great way to achieve long-lasting back pain relief. During this treatment, your pain management doctor delivers medicine to the epidural space in your spine, which calms your inflamed nerve root.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapists create customized treatment plans depending on each patient’s specific back pain condition. Your PT sessions may include a variety of weight work, aerobic exercises, stretching, and heat and cold therapy. The goal of your physical therapy sessions is building strength and flexibility in your back, which makes your back feel better right now in addition to preventing back pain in the future.
  • Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation: This high-tech back pain treatment uses heat energy to treat facet joint osteoarthritis. A special generator creates high heat which is delivered to a needle. Your back pain doctor uses this needle to pinpoint the precise nerve ending areas that are producing pain.

If you want the best medical advice and patient care for your chronic pain, contact the spine specialists at Pain Treatment Specialists, with convenient locations in NYC and northern NJ.

Who is the Best Back Ache Doctor Near Me?

Not all back pain doctors treat chronic neck pain and back pain with the same methods. For example, an orthopedic surgeon uses back surgery for pain relief. This is utilized more often than it is truly needed, and minimally invasive back pain treatments provide the same amount of pain relief without completely disrupting your life with a painful surgery.  You’ll find the best back ache doctor near me at Pain Treatment Specialists, where the proper diagnosis and treatment of your back pain delivers long-lasting back pain relief.

One of the highly-rated doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists is Dr. Laura Lombardi. She fellowship trained in interventional pain medicine at Harvard Medical School, and is double board certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology. She also specializes in fluoroscopic-guided pain treatments, which allows her to use this special type of x-ray to find the exact spot of your back pain and deliver targeted treatments.

Dr. Shane Volney is another top-rated pain doctor at our pain clinics. His focus is ensuring that the entire patient’s wellness is addressed, from their back pain to their sleep schedules to their overall mood. As a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, he is skilled at explaining every step of your back pain treatment in a way that is easy to digest and makes you feel comfortable about the process.

Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Volney are 2 of our pain medicine doctors in NYC and northern NJ. Schedule an appointment and see why our patients leave with a renewed sense of optimism about their pain-free life.

Can I Treat Chronic Pain At Home?

While it’s no substitute for a visit with your pain doctor, you can find relief from chronic pain at home. Use over the counter pain medicines to dull your back pain, but pay attention to the docking instructions. Keep your back flexible and pliable by avoiding sitting for long periods of time, and interjecting stretches throughout your day. Low-impact activities like swimming, tai chi, and walking are great for keeping your back moving. Ice your back in 20 minute intervals for pain relief, and also to reduce swelling.

Suffering from chronic pain in your back and neck? You don’t have to continue living with pain if you meet with a spine specialist who uses minimally invasive treatments. Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how our back pain doctors use pain medicine, and not back surgery, to treat your chronic pain issues.

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