What Can a Shoulder Pain Treatment Doctor Do for a Shoulder Injury?

It’s been a long time since you’ve jumped in a lake, so when a friend offers a trip up to their lakeside cabin you jump at the chance. Nothing beats the cool, clear water on a hot afternoon, and you spend most of your day swimming to and from the floating dock. However, by the end of the day, your shoulder pain makes it tough to even hold a marshmallow out to the campfire. You’re not sure if this is just normal soreness from swimming all day or if you have an upper arm injury. After your time at the peaceful cabin, you decide to find a shoulder pain treatment doctor who can relieve your pain.

Your friend recommends Pain Treatment Specialists, since they had a great experience there when dealing with sciatica. Their team of Harvard trained pain doctors are not only compassionate, but also have a wide array of minimally invasive pain treatments available at their pain clinics in NYC and northern NJ. They are familiar with front deltoid pain, pain on top of the shoulder pain, shoulder pain when reaching behind the back, and pain in the left shoulder blade when breathing. You decide to schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, especially because you’ve received another invite to the lake cabin! There’s no time to waste sitting on the shore instead of having fun in the water.

Who is the Best Shoulder Pain Treatment Doctor for Me?

A specialist doctor for shoulder pain does not need to be an orthopedic surgeon. This is because an orthopedic surgeon uses shoulder surgery to repair traumatic shoulder injuries caused by accidents or falls. The majority of shoulder pain is easily treated with pain medicine, and meeting with an interventional pain doctor is your best choice for pain relief. You’ll find the best shoulder pain treatment doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, where all of our pain doctors are board certified pain experts. Some of our shoulder specialists include:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo: Dr. Deygoo is the newest pain doctor on our outstanding staff, and his speciality is finding an early diagnosis of joint wear and tear. He completed a pain management fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, and his anesthesiology residency at Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine. He looks forward to meeting with you at one one Pain Treatment Specialists’ convenient locations.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi completed her interventional pain medicine fellowship at Harvard University, and is an expert in fluoroscopic-guided pain treatments. This special x-ray allows her to precisely identify the exact area needed for shoulder pain treatment, which provides an effective and accurate result.

Dr. Deygoo and Dr. Lombardi are just 2 members of our exceptionally talented and compassionate pain team. If you’re asking yourself, “Which doctor should I see for shoulder pain?”, know that the interventional pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are your best choice.

What Treatments Work for Shoulder Problems?

Minimally invasive pain treatments are highly effective at providing shoulder pain relief. No matter if you feel left shoulder pain, right shoulder pain, front shoulder pain, or have had shoulder pain for 2 months, you can find relief at Pain Treatment Specialists. Since our shoulder pain treatment doctors specialize in minimally invasive treatments, you’ll be feeling better after your first pain treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses the body’s own platelets and growth factors to stimulate stem cells. In turn, this stimulates a natural healing process. The injection only takes a few minutes, and most patients feel better after a few treatments.

Steroid injections are one of the most common treatments for shoulder pain and shoulder instability. During this procedure, your shoulder specialist administers a corticosteroid injection in your shoulder bursa area. Corticosteroids reduce inflammation and pain, and also allow you to begin working with physical therapists in order to repair your shoulder and increase your range of motion.

Hyaluronic acid injections provide lubrication to your shoulder joints. This procedure is also known as viscosupplementation, and uses hyaluronic acid to help your joints move more smoothly.

If you’re not sure about which doctor to see for neck and shoulder pain, consider meeting first with an interventional pain doctor and not an orthopedic doctor shoulder specialist. At Pain Treatment Specialists, all of our doctors specialize in relieving pain with minimally invasive pain treatments, and not surgery.


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Can I Treat a Shoulder Injury at Home?

You should still visit a pain doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your shoulder pain, but if you’re experiencing minor soreness from a shoulder injury you can find some pain relief at home. Our pain doctors recommend the following steps:

  • RICE: This acronym stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate.” Rest your shoulder from strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects, and ice in 20 minute intervals for swelling and pain relief. Compass your shoulder with a bandage to prevent shoulder instability, and elevate your shoulder at night with pillows to alleviate swelling.
  • OTC Medicines: Aspirin or ibuprofen are both appropriate for shoulder pain relief. Follow the dosing instructions on the bottle and do not exceed.

Pain Treatment Specialists’ minimally invasive shoulder pain treatments get your arms up and moving again with little down time. Schedule an appointment at one of their pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ and get back to living your best lake life!



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