Who is the Top Nerve Doctor Near Me? Meet With Pain Treatment Specialists for Nerve Pain Relief

Nerve pain affects many people in silence, since it’s a condition that isn’t visible from the outside. You may have on a beautiful outfit and immaculate accessories, but your nerve pain makes you feel like a mess on the inside. Nerve pain often manifests as a shooting, stabbing, or burning sensation, with a variety of underlying causes. Chronic illnesses can cause nerve pain, as can serious accidents or injuries. Living with nerve pain often causes you to cancel plans or avoid periods where you’ll be sitting or standing for long periods of time, which affects both your mental and physical health. Instead of canceling plans and avoiding activities, schedule an appointment with a nerve doctor in your area and find long-lasting nerve pain relief.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard-trained pain doctors utilize minimally invasive treatments for nerve pain that provide relief from burning and shooting sensations. Our pain doctors are not neurologists or neurosurgeons, but are highly-trained specialists who focus on relieving pain through targeted treatments. Schedule an appointment at one of our state-of-the-art pain clinics in NYC, Long Island, or northern NJ and meet with our nationally-recognized pain specialists for expert medical advice.

Who is the Best Nerve Doctor Near Me?

When you begin your search for a nerve doctor, you may find a slew of results that lean more towards neurological conditions and not necessarily nerve damage in your back or knees. Don’t become overwhelmed if you see results such as “what kind of doctor treats MS”, “where do neurosurgeons work”, “who should I see for headaches”, “what is a headache doctor called”, or “neurologist or rheumatologist for MS.” Instead of trying to wade through search results online, call Pain Treatment Specialists and learn how their nerve doctors are able to treat your back, leg, or knee pain.

One of our top-rated nerve pain doctors is Dr. Shane Volney, who is a former Clinical Instructor of anesthesiology, pain medicine, and palliative care at Harvard Medical School. He fellowship trained in pain management and palliative medicine, and is an expert in guided-imaging procedures. This type of treatment allows Dr. Volney to precisely identify the area of your nerve pain, and provide targeted pain medicine. His patient reviews are consistently 5 stars, with one recent patient noting that Dr. Volney is a “very caring person” who “accommodates your needs and attends to them in a very fast manner.”

If you’re looking for the top nerve doctor in your area, contact Pain Treatment Specialists for an appointment. Our team of board-certified pain doctors strive to help each patient regain their quality of life quickly.

What is the Best Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Nerve Pain?

Diagnosing your nerve pain condition may be a joint effort between your nerve pain doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists, a neurologist, and your primary care physician. Your medical history and history of falls or injuries shed light on the possible causes of your nerve pain, which can range from rheumatoid arthritis to complex regional pain syndrome. Once the cause of your nerve pain is identified, your nerve pain doctor works to target the exact area and source of your pain for proper treatment. Some of the treatments that are effective for nerve pain include:

  • Steroid Knee Injections: This minimally invasive knee pain treatment is also known as a corticosteroid injection. Your knee pain doctor uses a corticosteroid injection to reduce nerve pain and localized swelling.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: If you suffer from severe knee pain, then a genicular nerve block (G-block) is a highly-effective knee pain treatment. Genicular nerves are the nerve endings that send pain signals to your brain, and a G-block effectively “blocks” pain signals. Your pain doctor may need to administer several G-blocks for the affected genicular nerves around your knee.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation: This cutting-edge treatment uses heat energy to ablate painful nerves. Your nerve pain doctor uses a special x-ray called a fluoroscope to guide the thermal needle into the precise position to deactivate the nerve. A small burn, or lesion, is created which blocks pain transmission.

During your consultation at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan for your nerve pain that allows you to recover quickly and also find effective relief from your pain.

Who is the best nerve doctor near me? At Pain Treatment Specialists, our nerve pain doctors are called interventional pain specialists, and they focus on treating your pain with minimally invasive interventions. Chronic nerve and muscle pain require state-of-the-art treatments focusing on each patient’s quality of life.

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How Do I Describe Chronic Pain to My Doctor?

Living with chronic pain means that you’re adept at putting the pain to the side so you can go about your day. However, being able to accurately describe your nerve pain is a critical part of your consultation at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our nerve pain doctors suggest the following tips:

  • Keep a journal of your pain before your visit. This allows you to accurately recall times when your nerve pain was noticeable.
  • In this pain journal, assign specific words and locations to your pain. Do you feel a sharp shooting pain in your elbow? Numbness and tingling in your lower back?
  • Note the time of day or activity that was occurring when you noticed the pain.

Nerve pain doesn’t have to delay your plans any longer! Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how our nerve pain doctors relieve nerve pain with cutting-edge pain treatments.



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