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When your neck and back ache, it makes normal activities feel like a chore. Cleaning the house takes forever because you need to keep sitting and taking breaks from your pain. Driving to the grocery store is just as difficult, since you have to turn your entire body to check for cross traffic due to your stiff neck. This type of chronic pain is not only physically exhausting, but also mentally draining. You’re constantly anticipating how you need to alter your day to accommodate your neck and back pain.

Instead of tiring yourself by working around your chronic pain, why not just get rid of it? You can do this by contacting a neck and spine specialist in your area who focuses on minimally invasive pain treatments. These types of procedures avoid surgery by utilizing pain medicine for long-lasting pain relief. You’ll find these types of treatments at Pain Treatment Specialists, with several pain clinics in northern NJ and NYC. Their board-certified neck doctors understand the constant exhaustion caused by chronic pain, and look forward to helping each patient regain their quality of life. Schedule an appointment and take the first step to feel like yourself again!

Who is the Best Neck and Spine Specialist Near Me?

Not all doctors treat back and neck pain with the same methods. For example, if you search for “spine specialist NYC”, “top rated cervical spine surgeons”, “thoracic spine doctor”, “spine and neuro center”, or “spine hospital NYC”, you’ll likely find results that suggest meeting with an orthopedic surgeon. However, an orthopedic surgeon is not always your best choice for a neck and spine specialist in your area. This is because surgery is dangerous, invasive, and involves a long recovery time. If you can avoid painful and risky surgery, why not explore more conservative treatment options?

This is the primary focus of Pain Treatment Specialists’ philosophy about treating pain. Our Harvard-trained back doctors received specific training in interventional pain medicine, which is a branch of pain management that addresses chronic pain without surgery. For example, one of our top back doctors is Dr. George Hanna, former Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hanna is a nationally recognized pain doctor who frequently speaks at conferences regarding the latest innovations in pain medicine. His 5-star patient reviews mention how easy he is to talk to about chronic pain, and how effective the treatment methods were for pain relief.

Dr. Hanna and the rest of the spine doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are exceptional practitioners of pain medicine. Request an appointment at one of our pain clinics and see how easy it is to find relief from your back and neck pain.

What are the Most Effective Treatment Plans for Neck Pain and Back Pain?

During your consultation at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll learn the cause of your chronic pain, as well as how it will be treated. Our state-of-the-art pain clinics offer a wide variety of cutting-edge pain treatments including:

  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection: This injection is given in the epidural space of your spine, and soothes the irritated nerves located there. The injection is a corticosteroid, which provides powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief. This type of injection works for patients suffering from pain caused by spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or arthritis.
Chronic neck and back pain is a common condition that affects your mobility and quality of life. Find a neck and spine specialist in your area who treats neck pain and back pain with minimally invasive treatments for effective pain relief. Pain Treatment Specialists has several locations in NYC and northern NJ that utilize cutting-edge treatments for neck and back pain that provide long-lasting pain relief.

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  • Cervical Facet Block Injection: If you suffer from arthritis, this injection is a quick way to find pain relief. Your neck doctor uses a special x-ray to target the facet joints in your cervical spine, and then administers a small amount of local anesthetic and steroid medicine. About 1-2 injections are needed to properly block the pain signals from your facet joints.
  • Trigger Point Injections: When you overuse or overwork certain muscles, you may develop sore, knot-like tension. A trigger point injection helps loosen these tight spots and help them relax. Patients who receive trigger point injections report feeling tremendous pain relief in their necks, upper backs, and shoulders.

Not sure what type of back and neck pain treatment is right for you? Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see what your options are for pain management.

Why Should I Avoid Surgery for My Spine Condition?

Surgery is not recommended at our pain clinic unless medically necessary. This is because more conservative treatment options are highly effective at treating your chronic back and neck pain. Why should you avoid surgery? Our back pain doctors suggest that:

  • Surgery is risky, painful, and invasive. You’ll need a hospital stay, and possibly an additional stay at a rehabilitation facility. If a lower-risk treatment such as pain medicine is available, you should consider this first.
  • Surgery is highly disruptive in your life. You’ll need time off from work, help completing normal activities, and a long recovery time.
  • Surgery might not fix the issue. What if you go through the time and stress of having surgery only to find that your pain still exists?
  • Surgery exposes you to dangerous and addictive narcotics while you recover. Any time you can avoid taking opioids, you should do so. Many people unintentionally end up addicted to narcotics because they were simply recovering from surgery.

Instead of making accommodations for your chronic pain, get rid of it entirely! Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and regain control of your life from chronic pain symptoms.



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