Suffering From Knee Pain? Find Effective Knee Pain Relief With a Harvard Trained Pain Doctor

When you suffer from knee pain, you’ll look for anything that relieves your daily aching joints. Your search queue is loaded with phrases like “leg joint pain treatment”, “joint pain specialist near me”, “knee joint pain relief pills”, medication for sore joints” and “joint pain relief medicine.” When internet searches come up empty and your swollen knee still aches, it’s time to find a joint pain doctor near me who knows how to reduce joint pain in the legs, and how to manage arthritis pain in the knee.

If you’re looking for a top joint pain doctor, schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our Harvard trained pain doctors are experts in chronic knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Each of our knee pain doctors is board certified, and possesses advanced training in interventional pain medicine. Practicing this type of knee pain treatment means avoiding knee replacement surgery, and preventing future knee injuries. Knee pain is a common affliction, and the joint pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists off the best care for your knee pain and swelling.

What are the Common Causes of Knee Pain?

Knee pain falls into one of 3 categories: acute, chronic, or medical. Even though all 3 categories produce intense knee pain, the reasons behind your pain and swelling differ. When you meet with a knee pain doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists, your joint doctor will discuss the different causes of your knee pain after listening carefully to your knee pain concerns. It’s critical to be open and honest with your pain doctor about your medical history, any recent accidents or falls, and your knee pain levels throughout an average day. Know that every joint doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists is carefully chosen not only for their impressive backgrounds, but also for their kind and caring demeanors. They make talking about knee pain not so painful!

Acute knee pain is caused by a knee injury, accident, or fall. Knee injuries may affect your knee cartilage, ligaments, tendons, or bursae that surround your knee joint. A ligamentous injury occurs when there’s a tear in any of the ligaments that stabilize the knee. An ACL tear is the most common type of ligamentous knee injury. A torn meniscus is also considered acute knee pain, and occurs when you suddenly twist your knee while putting weight on it.

Chronic knee pain occurs from repetitive motions or overuse. Patellar tendonitis, bursitis, and jumper’s knee fall under this category. Athletes and manual laborers are more prone to chronic knee pain conditions. Arthritis in the knee, also known as osteoarthritis, also falls under chronic knee pain.

Medical knee pain, such as septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout all affect the knee as a symptom of an underlying illness. In order to address rheumatoid arthritis knee pain, managing your underlying symptoms with a rheumatologist is necessary in addition to meeting with a pain doctor. Rheumatoid knee pain requires managing both your knee pain and swelling, as well as your RA symptoms.

A joint pain specialist near me is best suited for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your knee pain and swelling. Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and learn more about the cause of your chronic knee pain.

How Do You Relieve Joint Pain?

This is the question you’ve been trying so desperately to answer through all of your internet searches. The answer isn’t found in knee joint pain relief pills, crystals, quick fix quack treatments, or any of the other results you found online. The best way to relieve joint pain is scheduling an appointment at a joint pain doctor near me. At Pain Treatment Specialists, we have a wide variety of minimally invasive joint pain treatments that are highly effective at treating chronic knee pain. Our pain doctors do not recommend knee replacement surgery unless it is medically necessary, and instead prefer to use more conservative knee pain treatments. Some of the knee pain treatments used at our pain clinics include:

  • Steroid Injection: A steroid injection is useful for treating a swollen knee, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment. Your knee pain doctor identifies the area for injection, and then administers the corticosteroid. The injection causes minimal discomfort, and you’ll be up on your feet the same day with much less pain.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injection: This knee pain treatment is also known as viscosupplementation. Hyaluronic acid is a key component of knee joint fluid, and this injection supplements your knee’s joint fluid. For arthritis in the knee, this is a highly effective pain treatment.
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist’s goal is strengthening your knee, increasing your range of motion, and preventing future knee injuries. Whether you have inside knee pain, pain in the front of the knee, or knee cartilage issues, a physical therapist designs a customized exercise program that works for you.

The best way to relieve joint pain is by clearing your cache and then booking at appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our knee pain doctors utilize cutting edge knee pain treatments at their state of the art pain clinics in NYC and northern NJ.

What are Some Things to Help Joint Pain?

You can take some steps on your own to help joint pain. If your knee pain doesn’t feel better after these at-home treatments, you should contact the joint pain experts at Pain Treatment Specialists.

1.RICE: This acronym stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate.” Using these 4 steps together helps reduce the pain and swelling in your knee, and provides additional support to prevent instability.

If you’re suffering from arthritis in your knee, knee joint pain, chronic knee pain, or a knee injury, where can you turn for knee pain relief? Contact the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, where each of our board certified and Harvard trained knee pain doctors provide relief from knee pain and swelling. Even though knee pain is a common condition, it doesn’t mean you should spend your life suffering from knee pain.

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2. Exercise: Avoid strenuous exercises like running or basketball when your knee pain flares up, and move towards more gentle activities like swimming or yoga. This keeps your knee moving without adding additional stress.

3. Watch Your Weight: Dropping a few pounds puts less stress on your already sore knee joints, and is good for your overall health.

It’s time to step away from the endless internet searches and find an effective solution for your knee pain and swelling issues. Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, and find real relief for your knee pain from some of the top pain doctors in the nation.



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