Harvard Trained Knee Pain Treatment Doctors Discuss the Top Treatments for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a sneaky ailment. One day you’re feeling fine and have no limitations on your movements, and the next you’re aware of knee joint pain when you squat down to a low shelf. Sometimes knee pain occurs as a result of a specific injury or accident, and other times it’s the wearing down of your knee’s cartilage through normal wear and tear. No matter why your knee pain appeared, finding knee pain treatment doctors who can treat this issue is quickly moving to the top of your priority list.

The sooner you book an appointment with a knee pain management specialist, the sooner you can put knee pain in your past. Where can you turn for the next knee pain treatment plans? Contact the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our Harvard trained pain doctors create a customized knee pain treatment plan that works specifically for your type of knee pain. Instead of suggesting knee replacement surgery, our pain doctors instead use minimally invasive knee pain treatment plans for knee pain relief.

Meet the Best Knee Pain Treatment Doctors for Knee Joint Pain

What type of doctor treats knee pain? A pain doctor is your best choice for knee pain treatment, due to their extensive training in pain medicine. An orthopedic surgeon is more likely to recommend knee replacement surgery for knee joint pain. This is because their background in surgery leads them to use this as their primary method of knee pain treatment. Before you consider invasive, painful surgery, make an appointment with your doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists and discuss more conservative treatment plans that do not involve knee replacement surgery. Here are some of the board certified pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists:

  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi fellowship trained at Harvard with an interventional pain medicine fellowship. This means that she received specialized training in how to treat knee pain using pain medicine instead of surgery. Her specialty lies in fluoroscopic-guided imaging techniques, which allow her to pinpoint your precise area of knee pain and deliver targeted treatments. She is also double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine.
  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is the former Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard, and Medical Director of Pain Management at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Dr. Hanna’s expertise in pain medicine is often requested at national conferences where he speaks to his colleagues about the latest developments in minimally invasive knee pain treatments. He is also highly regarded by his patients, who consistently rate him as being kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our knee pain treatment doctors are of the highest quality and backgrounds. With convenient locations in NYC and northern NJ, you’re just a phone call away from a pain free life.

What Types of Knee Pain Treatment Plans are the Most Effective?

One of the goals of pain management is getting patients back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Surgery is not only invasive, it also takes weeks for you to fully recover. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain treatment doctors do not advise surgery unless it is medically necessary, and instead prefer using more conservative pain management treatments for knee pain relief. After one of our minimally invasive knee pain treatments, you’ll be up and on your feet the same day with marked improvement. Some of the knee pain treatment plans offered at our pain clinic include:

  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist uses exercise science and sports medicine for effective knee pain treatments. During your physical therapy sessions, your physical therapist works your knee through a series of movements and exercises designed to build strength and increase flexibility. The goal is to make your knee stronger, and prevent future injuries in your knee joint.
  • Steroid Injections: A steroid injection addresses pain and swelling in your knee joint. Your knee pain treatment doctor uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your knee pain, and then administers the injection only where you need it. A steroid knee injection provides long-lasting knee pain relief.
  • Lubricant Injection: A lubricant injection replaces your knee’s natural lubricants, and decreases the pain felt when moving. The grinding sensation many patients feel in their knees is a result of deteriorated knee cartilage, and a lubricant injection helps the knee joints and bones from rubbing together.

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and work with your knee pain treatment doctor during the creation of your knee pain treatment plan. Every step is explained carefully and thoroughly so you understand the process you’re about to complete.

Are There any At-Home Treatments for Knee Pain?

Yes, you can find some relief from at-home knee pain treatments. While they are not as effective as meeting with a pain management doctor, you can still find some relief from your chronic knee pain.

RICE stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate.” This series of steps is commonly used for joint pain, knee pain, and back pain because it provides manageable steps for pain relief. Resting your knee means avoiding strenuous activities like running or riding a bike. Ice your knee in 20 minute intervals to reduce swelling. Compress your knee with an athletic bandage for extra support, and elevate your knee to reduce inflammation.

 What treatment plans work best for knee joint pain? The best treatments for knee pain are minimally invasive and address your specific type of knee or joint pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain treatment doctors are pain management experts, and avoid knee replacement surgery unless medically necessary. All of our pain doctors have received extensive fellowship training in pain medicine, and are all Harvard trained.

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You can also use over-the-counter pain medicine such as aspirin or ibuprofen for knee pain relief. This will not last for an extended period of time, but can provide some pain relief for 6-8 hours.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with the top knee pain treatment doctors in the nation. Receiving effective knee pain treatments begins by booking your appointment at our pain clinics in NYC and northern NJ.



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