A Harvard Trained Knee Pain Dr. Discusses Chronic Knee Pain Treatment Plans

Knee pain caused by a chronic condition like osteoarthritis or a medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis poses a lot of questions. There are a lot of unfamiliar terms and types of doctors that treat knee pain associated with these conditions. You may wonder, “Do I need a referral to see a rheumatologist?”, “What’s the difference between a neurologist vs rheumatologist, a rheumatologist vs. endocrinologist, orthopedic vs rheumatologist,  and rheumatologist vs orthopedist?”, and “Does a rheumatologist treat back pain?” However, none of these questions address your primary concern, which is treating your knee pain.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our pain management doctors have extensive training in pain medicine and anesthesiology, with all of our doctors pursuing fellowship training in these specialized fields. Our medical advice is provided by the nation’s top pain doctors, and differs from the treatment plans offered by an orthopedic doctor or orthopedics near me. This is because our knee doctors do not recommend knee replacement surgery unless it is medically necessary. When you meet with a knee pain Dr. at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll outline a customized knee pain treatment plan that works to eliminate your specific knee pain concerns.

How is a Knee Pain Dr. Different Than a Doctor That Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis?

A doctor that treats rheumatoid arthritis is called a rheumatologist. What does rheumatology mean? A rheumatologist specializes in diagnosing diseases of the joints, bones, muscles, and connective tissues. They also treat autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. When should I see a rheumatologist? Your primary care physician provides a referral to a doctor that treats rheumatoid arthritis if they suspect that this is the cause of your joint pain.

Is a knee pain Dr. different than a doctor that treats rheumatoid arthritis? Yes, a knee pain Dr. has a greater array of minimally invasive knee pain treatments than a rheumatologist, since their pain clinics focus on the treatment of joint pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with a joint specialist like:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is double board certified in pain medicine, interventional pain management, and anesthesiology. After completing a pain management fellowship at Harvard, he was named Director of Pain Innovations and Technology, also at Harvard. His expertise in knee pain management is sought after by his colleagues, where he often shares his medical advice at national conferences and symposiums.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi fellowship trained at Harvard in interventional pain medicine. Her knee pain treatment plans focus on utilizing fluoroscopic-guided imaging techniques, which allow her to pinpoint your exact area of chronic knee pain for targeted treatment. She is also easy to talk to about your knee pain issues, and consistently receives high patient ratings based on her kind and knowledgeable demeanor.

A knee pain Dr. at Pain Treatment Specialists is well equipped to deliver the highest level of knee pain care. Visit our medical centers in NYC or northern NJ for the best knee pain treatment plans.

What are the Most Effective Treatment Plans for Chronic Knee Pain?

An orthopedic doctor is also different from a knee pain Dr. At orthopedics near me, the most common form of knee pain relief is knee replacement surgery. Too often, knee replacement surgery is utilized when more consevrative treatments are just as effective at knee pain relief. Do orthopedic doctors treat gout? Yes, as this is a progressive issue, an orthopedic near me treats gout effectively, as does a knee pain Dr.

When you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors ask a series of questions about your medical history, as well as your current knee pain concerns. From there, they use their expertise to create a customized knee pain treatment program that works for your specific knee pain concerns. Some of the minimally invasive knee pain treatments offered include:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy involves a series of PT sessions where your physical therapist moves your knee in very deliberate exercises and movements. These motions are designed to build strength and increase flexibility in your affected knee joint and provide pain relief from a minor injury.
  • Viscosupplementation: For patients suffering from osteoarthritis, a hyaluronic acid injection provides significant knee pain relief. Hyaluronic acid is the primary component of knee joint fluid, and is found in lower concentrations in patients dealing with osteoarthritis. This knee pain treatment lubricates the knee, and gets rid of the “grinding” sensation described by many patients.
  • Steroid Injections: A steroid injection provides immediate and long-lasting knee pain relief. Your knee pain Dr. uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your injection, and then administers a corticosteroid injection. This reduces pain and inflammation, and you’re up and on your feet the same day.

Don’t immediately jump to a knee replacement before trying knee pain treatment options. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our pain management doctors have a wide variety of cutting-edge knee pain treatments that are highly-effective at knee pain relief.

Can I Treat Chronic Knee Pain With At-Home Treatments?

Yes, you can find some relief from chronic knee pain and joint pain with at-home treatments.

Begin with over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, which block your knee pain for a few hours at a time. Only take the recommended dosage on the packaging, as taking more than this amount is hard on your liver and kidneys.

When should I see a rheumatologist? A doctor that treats rheumatoid arthritis is called a rheumatologist, but a knee pain Dr. has a wider variety of knee pain treatment options. Book an appointment with your doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how our knee doctors create customized treatments plans for chronic knee pain, knee joint issues, rheumatoid arthritis, or even a minor injury.

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​Keep yourself active by incorporating gentle exercises into your routine. Swimming, yoga, and stretching and great ways to keep your knee flexible, without providing the same stress and running or biking. Following these exercises with icing your knee and elevating your knee helps reduce any swelling associated with this activity.

When you book an appointment with your doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with a knee pain Dr. who has extensive training in pain management for your knee. Visit our pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ and find a practical and easy solution to your chronic knee pain issues.



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