Top Tips from a Hip Dr. Who Uses Minimally Invasive Treatments for Chronic Hip Pain

Over the past year, we’ve come to rely on our laptops and mobile devices to keep us connected and informed. Not able to leave the work from home arena to do your grocery shopping? Schedule a grocery delivery service so you can get dinner on the table. Need to conference with your team? Line up a Zoom meeting and discuss your next project in real time. You’ve even turned to the web to find solutions for your increasing hip pain, which really begins to ache after spending too much time sitting on your couch and on the internet. So far, your searches have turned up “orthopedic institute of the Bay Area”, “San Francisco orthopedics”, “best orthopedic hip surgeons near me”, and “hip joint prosthesis.” Since you’re located on the east coast, and also not interested in pursuing surgery, none of these results are useful. You need to meet in person with a hip doctor in your area.

When you search “back and hip pain doctors near me”, you keep seeing Pain Treatment Specialists appear as the top search result. You’re not sure of what doctor to see for hip pain, but notice that their team of pain specialists are not orthopedic surgeons or hip surgeons. Instead, they focus on using interventional pain medicine treatments for hip pain instead of hip replacement surgery. You decide to schedule an appointment at one of their pain clinics and discuss your hip pain with a Harvard trained and board certified hip pain doctor. It’s been a while since you’ve ventured out in public, but seeing the clinics’ commitment to safety and cleanliness is a huge plus in your book.

What to Expect When You Meet With a Hip Dr. at Pain Treatment Specialists

When you call Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re matched with a personal concierge who verifies your insurance information and also schedules your appointment. On the day of your appointment, you’re a little nervous about what to expect, but feel instantly at ease when you enter the pain clinic. The front end staff are kind and welcoming, and your wait time is minimal before meeting with your pain doctor. After you’re taken to the private consultation room, you’re introduced to your pain doctor. Just like the front end staff, they instantly put you at ease. You’re able to talk about your hip pain and describe your concerns, while your doctor listens carefully. Next, you’re asked to walk so your pain doctor can assess your gait, and a gentle physical examination is given. Finally, your pain doctor provides a diagnosis of your hip pain, and outlines the next steps of your treatment plan. You have a lot of questions, and your hip doctor answers them thoroughly and in a way that you understand. After all, you’re not a doctor! It helps a lot when your pain doctor outlines what is happening in non-medical terms. When you leave the pain clinic, you’re ready to schedule your next appointment, where you’ll receive your first minimally invasive hip pain treatment.

The hip pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are committed to finding effective solutions for your hip pain. Call one of our conveniently located pain clinics and begin feeling relief from your hip pain.

How Can I Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery?

The medical term for hip replacement is total hip arthroplasty. If you meet with a hip surgeon for orthopedic care, know that hip replacement surgery is one of the main treatment methods discussed. This is because a total hip replacement is the main focus of a hip surgeon’s training. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our hip specialists received specialized training in interventional pain management, which focuses on relieving hip and back back with minimally invasive treatments. Our team does not suggest hip replacement surgery unless it is medically necessary, and most patients at our pain clinics find sufficient pain relief through our hip pain treatments.

For example, physical therapy is highly effective for hip pain relief. During your physical therapy sessions, your physical therapist uses stretches and aerobic activity to increase your hip’s range of motion and relieve pain. PT is often used in conjunction with minimally invasive hip pain treatments for optimal pain relief.

Steroid injections are highly effective for hip pain relief. Your hip doctor identifies the area for injection, and then administers a corticosteroid along with a local anesthetic. The resulting pain relief lasts weeks, if not months, and you’re back on your feet the same day.

Your hip pain doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists is able to determine the best course for your hip pain treatment. Schedule an appointment at one of our pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ and see how effective minimally invasive hip pain treatments help you avoid hip surgery.

If you’re looking for back and hip pain doctors near me, make sure you meet with one who uses minimally invasive solutions for hip pain and not hip replacement surgery. At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with a hip Dr. who uses pain management for hip pain treatment. By using a combination of physical therapy, steroid injections, and lubricant injections, our hip pain doctors provide effective and long-lasting hip pain relief.

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Why Should I Avoid Hip Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery should not be your only option when addressing your chronic hip pain. Not only is hip surgery painful and invasive, but hip replacement recovery takes a long time. You’ll be in a great deal of pain while you recover, and unable to complete normal activities for several weeks. With more conservtaive treatments like steroid injections or lubricant injections, you’re able to resume walking without pain the same day.

If you’re living with chronic hip pain, it’s time to find a realistic solution. Contact Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a hip doctor who understands your chronic pain concerns and is able to provide long-lasting and minimally invasive hip pain relief.



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