When Should I Consult Elbow Specialists about My Elbow Condition?

Ignoring elbow pain isn’t easy. You forget how often you depend on your elbow’s strength and flexibility to help you with basic tasks. From typing on your keyboard to reaching up to scratch your neck, a sore and swollen elbow can severely impact your day. You’ve been afraid to consult an elbow pain doctor near me because surgery isn’t something you want to explore, and you’re afraid that might be your only option. However, there are many minimally invasive elbow pain treatments that are both highly effective and also avoid surgical treatment.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our elbow doctors are pain medicine specialists. This means that your elbow condition is treated without surgery, and also without dangerous narcotics. Our board certified pain doctors are not orthopedic surgeons, and instead fellowship trained in interventional pain management. Their advanced backgrounds in this field gives them the most specialized training for treating elbow injuries without surgery. Booking an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is easily done online, and you’re paired with a personal concierge who verifies your insurance information and schedules an appointment that works with your schedule. You don’t have to live with elbow pain interrupting your life! Requesting an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is an easy way to restore your elbow’s strength and flexibility.

What Qualifications Should Elbow Specialists Have?

When you take the step to meet with an elbow specialist, you want to ensure that they’re meeting your specific needs. An orthopedic doctor for elbow pain, a hand and wrist Dr.,a hand and wrist specialist, or an orthopedic arm specialist near me are appropriate if you’ve suffered a traumatic elbow injury where surgical treatments are your only choice for repair. This is because these doctors are trained to use surgery as their main method of treating severe elbow injuries. However, most elbow pain and elbow conditions don’t fall under this umbrella, and more conservative treatments are highly effective at treating your elbow pain. Look for elbow specialists who are also pain management doctors for the best combination of care for your elbow pain concerns.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, all of our Harvard trained pain doctors are both pain doctors and elbow specialists, which make their pain clinics in NYC and northern NJ the perfect fit for your consultation. Their patient reviews are outstanding, with many noting that the office is “well run and organized” and the “amazing staff and doctors are knowledgeable, polite, and friendly.” Cleanliness is also a high priority at our pain clinics, and our patients notice the efforts! One patient notes that the office is “very, very clean and all measures are taken for Covid safety in the office procedures.” This is in addition to the patient reviews of Dr. Volney as the “most caring, detail oriented doctor”, and Dr. Hanna as a “brilliant doctor who explains every step of the way.”

When you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with a team of professional, kind, and caring pain specialists who are able to get rid of your elbow pain for good.

What Treatments Work Best for My Tennis Elbow or Elbow Condition?

One of the best features of Pain Treatment Specialists is the wide variety of pain treatments offered at our clinics in NYC and northern NJ. During your initial consultation at Pain Treatment Specialists, your board certified pain doctor provides an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your elbow pain. This may involve a combination of minimally invasive pain treatments that are designed to eliminate your elbow pain while also making your arm more stable.

Steroid injections are one of the first treatments utilized for elbow pain and swelling. During this procedure, your pain doctor draws a corticosteroid into a syringe, and identifies the tissue where your injection will be most effective. Corticosteroids deliver anti-inflammatory and pain relief to the area of your elbow that is causing the most pain. This quick and easy procedure is done right at our pain clinic, and you’ll be able to use your arm the same day with no recovery time and minimal side effects.

Viscosupplementation, also known as a hyaluronic acid injection, provides your elbow with increased mobility. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of joint fluid, and gives it its slippery, viscous quality. Your elbow doctor uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your injection, and then administers the hyaluronic acid into one side of your elbow. You’ll be asked to straighten and bend your elbow a few times to help circulate the injection. This process is repeated 3-5 times per week, and also has no down time after the injection.

Whether you’re suffering from pain in your upper arm, hand and wrist, or elbow, the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists have an effective treatment plan that works specifically for your pain concerns.

What are Common Types of Elbow Conditions and Elbow Injuries?

Tendonitis in your elbow is common, and is labeled based on where it occurs. Tennis elbow is pain on the outside of your elbow, and golfer’s elbow is pain on the inside of your elbow. You may feel pain, swelling, and tenderness on these parts of your elbow, as well as stiffness or the inability to grip objects. A tennis elbow specialist near me should also be a pain management specialist, as this condition is easily treated with pain medicine. It is not necessary to meet with a hand and wrist specialist for these conditions, since a pain management doctor provides effective pain relief.

If you’ve suffered an acute injury like a fall or car accident, you may have pain from an elbow injury such as a dislocated elbow, fractured elbow, or elbow strain.

Elbow specialists treat pain and swelling in your elbow, as well as numbness and tingling in your hand and wrist. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our elbow doctors use interventional pain treatments for your elbow condition. These long-lasting, minimally invasive pain treatments avoid surgical treatment and narcotics while providing effective elbow pain relief.

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