What Can an Elbow Specialist Do for Overuse Injuries?

Slippery ice is one of your worst enemies once winter hits, and you’ve taken enough tumbles over the years to know how to watch your step. These accidents always seem to happen when your hands are preoccupied with something else and your mind isn’t focused on what’s underneath your feet. The most recent example is your Sunday grocery shopping trip and subsequent unloading of the car. Your arms were full of groceries, your mind was on prepping lunch, and your feet went out from under you in the driveway. Unfortunately, your landing wasn’t as graceful as previous falls and the impact lands directly on your elbow. You’re able to shake it off, recover your groceries, and get inside, but the sting of that fall continues for a few days. When is it time to consult a doctor for elbow pain nearby, and is there an elbow pain doctor near my house?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll find an elbow specialist who is also a pain medicine specialist. This combination allows each patient to receive a thorough diagnosis and treatment of their elbow pain using minimally invasive pain treatments. You don’t need to spend endless time online searching for “Cedars Sinai hand surgeon”, “arm pain doctor near me”, “hand bone specialist”, or “hand and wrist Dr.” when scheduling an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is quick and convenient. When you book your initial consultation, you’ll be matched with a personal concierge who verifies your insurance information and also works around your schedule to find the perfect appointment time. Don’t suffer with elbow pain any longer than needed– contact Pain Treatment Specialists for prompt and professional help.

Who is the Top Elbow Specialist in My Area?

If you live in NYC or northern NJ, you’ll find a team of the best elbow specialists at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our elbow doctors are also interventional pain specialists, which means that they have extensive training in using pain medicine and minimally invasive elbow treatments for effective pain relief. What does an orthopedic doctor for elbow pain do? An orthopedic elbow specialist near me is trained to use surgery as their primary method for treating elbow pain. This is because a hand and bone specialist mainly deals with traumatic elbow injuries where surgical treatment is the only option to repair your elbow. At Pain Treatment Specialists, we will only advise surgery if it is medically necessary, and prefer to use more conservtaive approaches for pain first. When you request an appointment at one of our pain clinics, you’ll meet with one of our highly rated pain doctors including:

  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi fellowship trained at Harvard, where she focused on interventional pain medicine. She is also double board certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology, and is an expert in fluoroscopic-guided pain treatments. Her patients also rave that she is “fantastic”, “relieved pain almost immediately”, and listens and works with you to get the results you need.”
  • Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney is a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and fellowship trained in palliative medicine at Harvard. His approach to pain medicine is treating the whole patient, not just their pain. His success is evidenced by his patients’ comments saying he was “spot on with my diagnosis” and “takes the time to explain everything.”

Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Volney are just 2 of the highly qualified and compassionate pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists. Book an appointment and you’ll feel at ease right away with the professional care of our pain doctors and our outstanding patient coordinators.

What are Elbow Overuse Injuries?

Using any part of your body in a repetitive motion for a period of time is going to cause pain. Your elbow is no different, and elbow overuse injuries occur when you’re swinging or moving your elbow in the same motion repeatedly, such as when you’re golfing or playing tennis. This is generally known as tendonitis, and is broken down into more specific diagnosis depending on the location of your pain.

Pain on the outside of your elbows is known as tennis elbow, since it often occurs in people who play this sport often.Tennis elbow symptoms include pain and tenderness on the outside of your elbow, forearm soreness, stiffness in the morning, and pain that increases when you’re holding something. Pain on the inside of your elbow is known as golfer’s elbow, and displays many of the same characteristics as tennis elbow. The difference is where the pain occurs on your elbow.

Biceps tendonitis is a rupture of the tough tissue that connects the bicep muscle to the front of the elbow bone. Triceps tendonitis is an injury to the tissue that connects the triceps muscle to the back of the elbow bone. Both of these conditions may occur when repetitively lifting heavy objects, like weightlifting, and are accompanied by a popping sound or sensation.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused by increased pressure on the ulnar nerve, and is caused by repeatedly leaning your elbow on a hard surface or bending your elbow for an extended period of time. This may cause pain and tingling in your hand and wrist.

An elbow specialist who is also a pain management doctor is an excellent combination for minimally invasive elbow pain relief. You’ll find this type of doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our team of Harvard trained elbow pain doctors focus on treating elbow pain without resorting to surgery. It’s easy to schedule an appointment at a doctor for elbow pain near me, with convenient locations in NYC and northern NJ.

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For the proper diagnosis and treatment of your hand and wrist pain and elbow pain, you don’t need to exclusively visit a hand and wrist specialist or a tennis elbow specialist near me. Instead, meet with a pain doctor who understands chronic overuse injuries and has a wide variety of pain treatments available, like the pain clinics of Pain Treatment Specialists.

Whether you’ve suffered a recent fall or are struggling with an overuse injury, don’t continue living with elbow pain. Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how easy it is to regain your arm strength and reduce your pain levels.



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