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Remember when you were a kid and bumped your elbow? Your parents would tell you that the sensation you’re feeling is from hitting your “funny bone.” At the time, there was nothing funny about it– it hurt! Now that you’re older, you’re feeling elbow pain that isn’t a result of hitting something, and it’s really affecting your daily life. You’re unable to carry heavy objects without your elbow giving out, and the pain radiates from your wrist to your shoulder. It’s finally time for you to find effective elbow pain treatment that doesn’t come from your dad, who uses duct tape to fix everything.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our Harvard trained pain doctors provide elbow joint pain relief with minimally invasive pain treatments. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in my elbows, elbow pain when extending the arm, tennis elbow, or elbow tendonitis, the interventional pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists have an effective treatment for you. Our pain doctors are able to treat rheumatoid arthritis in elbow symptoms, and also provide an ultrasound for elbow pain if needed. The pain and tenderness of your elbow pain has taken away too much of your time and energy, and it’s time to find long lasting elbow pain relief!

What is an Effective Elbow Pain Treatment?

Rheumatoid arthritis elbow treatment doesn’t have to involve surgery in order to be effective. If you suffer from RA in the elbow, tennis elbow, of other types of elbow pain, minimally invasive treatments offer effective and long lasting pain relief. The interventional pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists use cutting-edge pain treatments that provide relief from your chronic pain for weeks, if not months. Some of our elbow pain treatments include:

  • Steroid Injections: One of the first lines of treatment for elbow pain is a steroid shot for tennis elbow, as well as other elbow joint pain conditions. This elbow pain treatment involves an injection of corticosteroid, which reduces pain and swelling. Your pain doctor pinpoints the area for injection, and then sterilizes and numbs the area with a topical anesthetic. The injection is quick, painless, and highly effective at eliminating your elbow pain. Apart from a small bandage, there’s no evidence of your steroid injection, other than your brand new pain-free elbow!
  • Viscosupplementation: Another elbow joint pain relief treatment is viscosupplementation, also known as a hyaluronic acid injection.The key component of joint fluid is hyaluronic acid, which is added to the elbow joint during this injection. What makes joint fluid effective for allowing bones to glide against each other? That’s the role of hyaluronic acid, which gives joint fluid its viscous, slippery quality. The loss of joint fluid is common for patients suffering from elbow osteoarthritis, and this injection replaces that shock absorbing fluid component.

Rheumatoid arthritis in the elbow, as well as pain and swelling in the elbow, are painful and debilitating. Contact the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists for highly effective elbow pain treatments and the highest quality patient experience.

Can I Find Elbow Joint Pain Relief Through At-Home Remedies?

Pain and swelling in your elbow can be addressed through at-home pain remedies. More serious illnesses like elbow cancer or elbow pain from cancer should be tackled with your oncologist, or with your pain doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists. Rheumatoid arthritis in the elbow is intensely painful, but some at-home treatments may provide temporary pain relief. You should consult the medical advice of the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists for the most effective elbow pain treatment.

Anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen work to reduce pain and swelling in your elbow. Be mindful of how many times a day you take these medicines, and do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Your arm or elbow pain is not worth risking damage to your liver or kidneys through excessive dosing.

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, lends itself to the RICE method of at-home treatments. First, rest your elbow from activities or motions that cause you pain, and limit sports such as golf or tennis that require rotation or repetitive motions. Ice your elbow in 20 minute intervals to reduce pain and swelling, and wear a compression bandage or elbow brace for additional support during the day. Elevate your elbow with pillows to reduce pain and swelling whenever you’re able.

Although at-home remedies may provide some relief from your elbow pain, they are not as effective as the elbow pain treatments offered at Pain Treatment Specialists. Book an appointment today at our cutting edge pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ and see how our expert pain management doctors relieve elbow pain with minimally invasive treatments.

How Can I Describe Elbow Pain to My Pain Doctor?

When you bumped your elbow as a child, you didn’t have the language necessary to fully describe exactly what you were feeling. All you could say was, “It hurt!” Now that you’re older, you can enter your appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists with a lot more information about your chronic elbow pain. Here are some prompts to help you accurately describe your elbow pain:

  1. Keep a journal of your elbow pain before your appointment. What times of day does your elbow hurt? Are you unable to carry objects, or does it feel unstable or weak during certain activities? These notes are helpful for your pain doctor.
  2. In this journal, note your pain levels from 1-10. If 1 is “nothing” and 10 is “excruciating”, what levels of pain do you feel throughout the day?
  3. What type of elbow pain do you feel? Does your elbow feel weak and unstable, or is there a sharp, stabbing pain during specific movements?
Elbow pain can be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, elbow tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, or lateral epicondylitis. Where can you find effective elbow pain treatment? Meet with the Harvard trained pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists in one of their cutting edge pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ. Their minimally invasive treatments reduce pain and swelling in your elbow and eliminate elbow pain when extending the arm.

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Elbow pain treatment is highly effective at restoring your quality of life, and shouldn’t be chalked up to just “hitting your funny bone.” Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a Harvard trained pain doctor who uses minimally invasive elbow pain treatments for effective elbow pain relief.



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