How a Back Pain Treatment Dr. Relieves Chronic Back Pain

When you see someone who is exceptionally skilled at their job, it’s natural to wonder how they do such a great job. If you’ve had to recently work with your children from home to provide education, then you can’t believe how easy your child’s teacher makes teaching look. If you’ve found a reliable mechanic, then it’s impressive how quickly they’re able to accurately diagnose your car’s problems based on your very poor description of noises and issues.

Chronic back pain specialists are members of this skilled club who can quickly and accurately diagnose and treat your back pain by learning about your medical history, recent activities, and pain symptoms. When you suffer from chronic back pain, it seems hard to believe that anyone would be able to “fix” the issues you’re dealing with. At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with a back pain treatment Dr. who is able to carefully listen to your chronic back pain concerns, and then create a back pain treatment plan that finally relieves your back pain.

What Can a Back Pain Treatment Dr. Do To Fix My Chronic Pain?

A back pain treatment Dr. is different than spine surgeons or primary care physicians. A spine surgeon is trained in back surgery, and uses this as the primary mode of back pain treatment. Primary care physicians evaluate and treat a patient’s overall health, and may not have the specialized training needed in order to treat your complex and specific back pain issues. At Pain Treatment Specialists, a back pain treatment Dr. is a pain management specialist. What this means is that they train specifically in the field of interventional pain medicine and pain management, and use minimally-invasive back pain treatments. Some of the back pain treatments offered by our board certified back pain treatment doctors include:

Physical Therapy: A physical therapist works with your back pain treatment Dr. to create a customized back pain treatment plan. Using physical medicine and rehabilitation, your physical therapist works your back muscles to increase strength and flexibility. A physical therapist is trained in exercise science, and has in-depth knowledge of your back’s structure to create a rehabilitation program that works for your specific back pain.

Steroid Injection: Also known as an SI joint injection, this lower back pain treatment is useful when treating sciatica or sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Your back pain treatment Dr. uses a special x-ray to guide a local anesthetic into your sacroiliac joint. The result is immediate pain relief in your lower back.

When you meet with a back pain treatment Dr. in NYC or NJ, you’ll find a wide variety of treatment plans for your chronic back pain. Schedule an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists to discuss how our back pain treatments address herniated discs, sciatica, and chronic back pain without the use of spine surgery or muscle relaxants.

Where Can I Find a Board Certified Back Pain Treatment Dr.?

The best board certified back pain treatment doctors are found at Pain Treatment Specialists. With locations in Midtown Manhattan and northern New Jersey, our back pain clinics are easy to reach and even easier to book an appointment. What makes our back pain treatment doctors the best in the area? In addition to our back pain doctors’ Harvard training, each back pain doctor possesses a kind and compassionate bedside manner. Some of the best back pain doctors in NYC and NJ include:

Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney spent 7 years as a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, where he taught in the fields of pain medicine, anesthesiology, and palliative care. His desire to provide patients all over the world with back pain relief led him to Kenya, where he worked with underserved communities to provide pain relief. When you meet with Dr. Volney, you’ll feel at ease expressing your back pain concerns and medical history due to his calm and comforting nature.

Dr. Michael Nguyen:If you’re looking for a top back pain treatment Dr., look no further than Dr. Nguyen. Like Dr. Volney, Dr. Nguyen also taught at Harvard Medical School (after graduating with honors) and is a pioneer in the field of interventional pain medicine. Dr. Nguyen’s colleagues from across the country travel to his back pain clinic in NYC to observe the latest in pain management treatments.

When you meet with one of our back pain treatment doctors in NYC or NJ, you’ll find not only a depth of experience in the field of pain medicine, but also a sympathetic ear that’s willing to hear your back pain concerns.

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If your back pain invades your daily life with chronic aches and pains, when is it time to see a back Dr.? When your everyday activities suffer, it’s time to call Pain Treatment Specialists, the best back doctor near me. At our state of the art pain clinics, our back doctors are not only Harvard trained, but also compassionate practitioners of pain medicine who listen carefully to your back pain concerns.

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What Can I Do At Home to Treat My Chronic Back Pain?


When you’re trying to treat your back pain at home, you know that you don’t have the same tools as a back pain treatment Dr. However, you can still find back pain relief at home that will help alleviate your pain before you meet with a back pain Dr. at Pain Treatment Specialists. A top back pain treatment Dr. recommends the following at-home treatments for chronic back pain:

1. Avoid Prescription Narcotics: If you’ve been prescribed narcotics from a primary care physician for your back pain, please avoid them. Muscle relaxants and narcotics do provide pain relief, but are also highly-addictive. Your intent may only be to achieve back pain relief, but your brain becomes hardwired to depend on these addictive pills. Instead, use over-the-counter pain medicines, which are not habit-forming, to treat your chronic back pain.

2. Stay (Moderately) Active: Keeping your back fluid and flexible helps with chronic back pain. Using light exercise and activities like swimming, yoga, and stretching keeps your back in motion, and prevents soreness and stiffness. However, if these activities cause pain, you should exercise prudence and only complete movements or activities that don’t aggravate your back pain.

3. RICE Works: Commonly used in the sports world, the acronym RICE stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate.” Combining these four steps helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and increases support in your weakened back muscles.

When you meet with a back pain treatment Dr. in NYC or NJ at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll find a team of highly-specialized back pain doctors. You’ll leave their pain clinic wondering how their team was able to get rid of your chronic back pain with such minimally-invasive back pain treatments!



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