When Your Hip is a Problem, Contact a Hip Specialist for the Latest Advancements in Pain Treatments

Sitting for a long period of time while you work isn’t your favorite thing to do, but you need a couple hours of concentrated time in order to finish a large project. Once you’re done, you click your laptop closed with satisfaction and get up to use the restroom. You have a difficult time standing up, and your hip is sore when you move your right leg forward. Chalking it up to sitting for too long, you go about your day. However, your hip and leg aren’t moving any easier by the end of the day, and you wake up the next morning with the same stiffness and lack of mobility. This is a little frightening since it hasn’t happened before, and you begin a panicked web search of what could be wrong. Your search turns up phrases like “best orthopedic surgeons near me”,  “hip arthroscopy doctors near me”, “hip preservation” and “orthopedic surgeon hip specialist.” None of these provide the answers that you’re looking for, so you turn to the best source of advice: your parents! They’ve both visited a hip specialist and found tremendous pain relief after their treatments.

Your parents’ advice? Visit  Pain Treatment Specialists for specialty trained hip doctors. Their team of Harvard trained pain doctors have locations in NYC and northern NJ, which is good because you keep seeing “hip specialist Dallas” and “best hip surgeons in Austin, Texas” pop into your search queue. Since you’re located on the East Coast, you need a pain doctor who is nearby. Both of your parents explain how they trusted their pain doctors, and were able to ask a lot of questions without feeling rushed during their appointments. Your mom even mentions how she wishes she had contacted their pain clinic sooner because there’s such a noticeable improvement in her gait. Even though you haven’t been feeling hip pain for a long time, you decide that any amount of pain is a sign that something is off. It’s time to book your appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and find a solution for your worsening hip pain.

Who is the Best Hip Specialist Near Me?

Orthopedic surgeons should not be your first stop when researching hip pain treatment options. This type of doctor received advanced training in orthopedic surgery and hip replacements as their primary method of treating hip pain. In many cases hip surgery can be avoided by using more conservative treatments. If you’re not sure what doctor to see for hip pain, consult an interventional pain doctor like the team at Pain Treatment Specialists.

An interventional pain doctor uses pain medicine and minimally invasive hip pain treatments for pain relief. All of the doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists fellowship trained in pain management or interventional pain medicine, which is an advanced training focusing on relieving pain without the use of surgery.

One of our top hip pain specialists is Dr. George Hanna, who is double certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and interventional pain management. He was fellowship trained in pain management at Brigham and Women’s Hospital—Harvard Medical School, and was later a Clinical Instructor at this prestigious university. Dr. Hanna’s patients describe him as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and patient when it comes to answering questions. His goal as a hip pain doctor is restoring your quality of life… as well as your positive outlook.

Don’t spend another day dealing with hip pain. Instead, contact the hip pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how a back and hip specialist in your area relieves chronic pain.

What are Common Causes of Hip Problems?

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What are the Latest Advancements in Hip Pain Treatments?

Thankfully, hip replacement surgery isn’t your only option for hip pain relief. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our minimally invasive procedures provide pain relief for different causes of hip pain. Steroid injections, also known as corticosteroids, are one of the first options utilized to combat hip pain. Your pain doctor identifies the area for injection, and then administers the corticosteroid. This reduces pain and swelling in your hip.

Lubricant injections, also called viscosupplementation, are also used to help your hip’s joints glide smoothly over each other. As we age, we naturally lose joint fluid. Replacing this fluid helps your hips joints move without stiffness or pain, increasing your range of mobility.

When your hip pain makes it difficult to move easily, it’s time to find a hip specialist who understands the stress of chronic pain. Schedule an appointment with a hip specialist at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our Harvard trained pain doctors use minimally invasive hip pain treatments. Their specialty trained hip doctors relieve painful hip problems with cutting-edge hip pain treatments.

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When your hip aches, don’t waste time and energy trying to accommodate your life around hip pain. Make an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a hip specialist in one of our state of the art pain clinics in NYC or northern NJ.



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